Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I decided to participate in Kate's scarf swap a few weeks ago and ever since, I've been checking the mail every day waiting for my package to arrive. Well, today, I came home from our friends promotion ceremony to find this in my mailbox!!!

I love all the rich colors

Thank you so much to my partner Marisa, I absolutely love it! I never would have picked it out myself, but I absolutely love it (that was what I was hoping for out of this swap, and you exceeded my expectations!) I am so glad I participated and found your blog in the process!

Back to that promotion I mentioned, Jason's BFF took over Company Command today and I'm so grateful that Jason and I were able to attend (mostly so I know what to expect when it's Jason's turn!)

We're super proud of you Chris!

Congratulations to Chris and his wife Jessica!


Anonymous said...

jessica - i am so glad you loved it!!!
i received yours on monday and am completely in love with them. they are just my style. i will blog about them when i get a chance to take a couple photos tonight... thank you sooo much

Unknown said...

What a lovely scarf!! :) Looking forward to "getting to know you" in the bloggy world!