Friday, June 21, 2013

PCS update

First of all, thanks to all of you for the feedback on my last post.  A couple of you suggested a change to BlueDress Jes which I honestly had not even thought of.  It makes complete sense, at least as far at Twitter/Instagram go.  I felt like I has asked where my sunglasses were when they were on my head or where my cell phone was while I was talking on it.  It was one of those DUH moments.  Thanks ladies!  I'm still undecided about where to go with the blog but I'm working on it.

We spent the last week trying to get plane tickets, schedule our HHG/UB pick up (HHG is the bulk of our stuff that will be shipped to America and can take 60-90 days to get from door to door, UB is the small, fast shipment that will HOPEFULLY arrive in 30 days), book lodging, schedule vet appointments and make arrangements with the airline so Buster can fly with us.  Oh, and by we, I mean I.  Jason accompanied me to a few of the stops but mostly I was on my own.  After this week, I'm ready to say good riddance to the Army.  I swear they cannot make anything easy.  I had to make at least 7 trips to Transportation in order to get our plane tickets.  They gave us the run around the first two days then I had to get on the phone to United and basically make the arrangements myself, then go back to transportation and tell them how to do their job.  The day I tried to call the vet they just happened to be on a "stand down" for SHARP (the Army's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program) and weren't answering their phones so I eventually just went up to their office.  Wouldn't you know, they're closed the entire week before we PCS so the health certificate that we have to obtain within 10 days of our departure is going to be exactly 10 days out.  I'm praying nothing goes wrong while we're traveling or it could become a huge ordeal.  It hasn't been easy, but so far everything is falling being deliberately placed where I want/need it.

In between all the errands/phone calls my neighbor and good friend, Kristin, and I have been preparing to have a "yard" sale.  We've had to reschedule multiple times due to rain so we finally decided to book one of the community rooms available so we didn't have to rely on good weather.  This meant that I could no longer put off digging through all of our junk and getting it ready to sell. We know with almost certainty that our house/condo/apt. in San Diego will be significantly smaller than our house here so we need to downsize.  Drastically.

Look at all this stuff

At least a 3rd of it is ours.  I'm hoping I don't have to bring anything back into our house.  Jason's goal is to make enough money to buy a Roomba.  We borrowed our friends a few weeks ago and he hasn't stopped talking about it.  He NEVER wants to buy ANYTHING so I'm having a hard time telling him no.  Hopefully after tomorrow I won't have to any longer.

This week was very busy and very productive.  The next 7 weeks are going to fly by!


Emily said...

I kept seeing your posts on facebook and wanted to check it out so bad! Work kinda got in the way of that :/

Shannon at One Tea, One Coffee said...

Good luck with all the PCS stuff! Just reading this makes me nervous about our PCS from Germany next year!