Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun Sunday in Tokyo

Last week I received an email letting me know that some local photographers were getting together to participate in a Worldwide Photo Walk  I already had plans to meet up with some All Hands friends in Tokyo before they took off in different directions all around the world so I decided to join the photo walk as well and make a day of it.  The group was headed to Harajuku which is one of my favorite places to spend a Sunday afternoon so it was perfect. The weather was great, the people were great, and some of the photos were even great.

Here's the whole group, pre-walk

We started in Yoyogi Park.  I love these guys, I talked about them before here

He's my favorite, I can't get enough of his hair!
 how cute are these two
 choosing the right song

sometimes they pause to help each other with their hair 

 she's totally adorable

Then we moved over to Takeshita Street which is famous for its shopping and its street fashion.

We saw these guys giving out free hugs and kisses on the way over

Takeshita St. people watching is some of the best

that's actually a dude under there

After the photo walk, I met up with friends at an izakaya which is a Japanese all you can eat/drink for one price restaurant/bar.  It was such a bittersweet night.  Everyone had a lot of fun but we all knew when the night ended, it would be the last time we would see each least for a long time!

Toby and me, love him!
 with Chris, he and I worked together every day I was there the 2nd time around
 half of the room

I LOVE THESE GIRLS!  Lucky for me, they both live locally =} 


Modern Camelot said...

Those pictures are great - I would love to go there someday! Need to start planning the next vacation :)