Wednesday, December 1, 2010

female body image

I was really disturbed today by 2 statuses I saw on facebook.  One said something to the effect of  "oh VS fashion show how I love to watch you but you make me so jealous" and the other said something like "I think I'm going to have to work out 3 hours a day every day for the rest of my life after watching the VS fashion show".  Both of these comments came from women who could be body doubles for Jillian Michaels (I'd even say they both look better than her.  I almost copied and pasted photos off their facebook pages, but decided not to, so you just have to take my word for it)...don't know who Jillian Michaels is?  She's one of the trainers for Biggest Loser:


I'm sorry but your self body image is completely distorted if you look anything remotely similar to the above photo and think you look inferior to some rail thin VS models.

UGH, it just makes me angry that this is how women are taught to think in our country!

****Stepping off my soap box****

On a happier note, the hubs and I have decided to spend an upcoming week in gorgeous Okinawa, Japan. (you remember, the place we originally thought we were going to be stationed?)  I can't wait to spend a week on a tropical island

(photo credit goes to Aviva Photography who, sadly, won't be around to take our photos while we're there)

I'm officially counting down the days until vacations!


Kara said...

AHHHHHH!!!! We must meet up!!!

Heather said...

And we aren't there anymore!!! But I want to know all about your trip. And I will be on the look out for lots of pictures :-)

Unknown said...

i agree that body image is so distorted... but seriously, those girls ARE beautiful. some of them are too skinny for my taste, but even their faces are gorgeous! i sort of just watch them in awe. that being said, i know that they are not the norm, and i don't think i'm any less beautiful because of them! i think the shows are really fun to watch :)

Taylor said...

I don't understand why women think the VS models are beautiful. Look at society, how many women ACTUALLY look like that? I didn't really watch, I flipped back and forth, my question is, why is it actually entertaining, 1. nobody wears that stuff 2. who sells it? Maybe Im just being cynical. :)

AgKB said...

going to the pineapple place we scouted out long ago??