Friday, August 6, 2010

crossfit day 1


I thought I might puke from exercise for the 1st time ever yesterday!  I might have pushed myself a little hard for day 1, but hey, you get out of it what you put into it and I'm determined to get my money's worth of butt kicking!  We has a warm up (that left me huffing and puffing), "learned" proper form for push ups, squats and "body rows" (basically a modification of a pull up using rings for people who can't do an actual pull up) then completed the WOD Work Out of the Day which was to run 200 meter (have I mentioned before that I do NOT run?!?!?! blah!) then do 15 each squats, push-ups, body rows, then do 12 of each then 9 of each and finally another 200m run and it's timed.  I set a goal to complete the work out in under 10 minutes and I finished in 9:25 so I was pretty happy with myself (plus I only walked 100/400 meters).  At the end of our 12 sessions I'll do the same work out again and hopefully shave a few minutes off that time.

After crossfit, I hurried to a friends to shower/change before heading to Indianapolis to celebrate a friends birthday.  So I only had the clothes I was planning on wearing and when I went to put my almost BRAND NEW Victoria Secret bra on, the stupid strap broke right off!
No $40 bra should break after just 6 weeks!  The bra that this one replaced was the exact same bra and lasted me almost 3 years, so I was pretty pissed.  Plus I didn't have a bra to wear!  Luckily I had some of my sisters old bra's in the car that were supposed to be going to goodwill that I thankfully hadn't dropped off yet!

Crisis was averted and I got to enjoy a fabulous show from these 2 amazing guys!

Ernie Halter (hello super cheese smile!)

the birthday girl thought this looked like a good place to stop, pop a squat and look at the photos on her camera (LOVE YOU!)

Time to go prepare myself for crossfit day 2 then birthday celebration round 2!


trooppetrie said...

WOW, you motivate me to get back to walking. Not ready for cross fit. by the way I left you a award on my blog