Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 by 30

I've been thinking about the things I want to have on my 30 by 30 list for a couple months now and after I saw Annie's post about her list, I decided it was time to stop putting it off and finish it up.  Here's my list, broken down into a few categories

1} take a yoga class
2} complete a 5K
3} climb Mt Fuji
4} do 1 unassisted pull up
5} pass the Army PT test for my gender/age group

6} learn to cook lobster
7} make gnocchi from scratch
8} learn to make grandma's relish
9} try 5 new foods
10} make Pioneer Woman's homemade cinnamon rolls (
11} learn to make 5 traditional Japanese dishes, including sushi

12} drink the Absynth we bought in Prague 3 years ago
13} visit at least 3 new countries
14} learn enough Japanese to carry on at least a 5 minute conversation
15} visit Disney (Tokyo Disney will have to do)
16} visit Hiroshima
17} scuba/snorkle the Great Barrier Reef
18} ride an elephant in Thailand (this and #17 are trips that will help knock off # 13 as well and are sort of in the early planning stage.  If our vacation locations change, these will have to be changed as well)
19} visit a Japanese Onsen (hot spring)

20} get out of debt (ALMOST THERE!  STUPID STUDENT LOANS!)
21} get caught up on my scrapbooks and stay current
22} read 50 books
23} find out my blood type
24} design a logo for BleuDress (or pay someone else to)
25} MASTER all the functions on my camera
26} solve the Rubik's cube or complete a crossword puzzle without any help
27} save $20K
28} watch all of the Star Wars movies (I've only seen the newest one)
29} renew my CPR certification and keep it current
30} complete a photography project or be paid for a photo

I hope to photograph and blog each one of these as I go.  I have 15 months to complete the list.  Wish me luck!


Oh, and apparently I'm still not caught up on my 52 in 52 project.  After I posted yesterday, I look at my planner and realized I should be working on week 24, so here are 22 and 23! (I better get my act together so I can complete this and cross off #30 on my list)

22/52 {Downtown}
In DOWNTOWN Taipei with my love

23/52 {Summer}
Does it get any better than SUMMER bbq's with friends?!?!


  1. I already hit 30 and a list never occurred to me. I've done a few of the things on your list, but not many! I would like to go country hopping while we are here, but the kids create a small problem. I'll get it figured out! They just make it that much more expensive!! Good luck though!

  2. I feel like I should do this. I have 2 years and 1 month until I'm 30. AHH!!!

  3. Your list is fantastic! I especially the travel section. I'm excited to see the progress we both make on our lists :)

  4. DUDE.
    i have pretty much the most delicious gnocci recipe EVER. and TRUST ME--we've tried a few. it is a staple for us during the winter months. you want it?

    and also, PW's cinnamon rolls are good--but not amazing. i also combined 2 cinnamon roll recipes that are pretty much better than cinnabon. NOT EVEN KIDDING. let me know :) and fun list! can't wait to see your progress!

  5. Love this list! You've got a lot of really interesting things on here! I think I may make a 25 by 25 list since today is my birthday! Love your blog!

  6. oh man, those cinnamon rolls are the best. so easy and you can freeze them

  7. Great list! I love that you have an awesome mix of easy to accomplish & more difficult goals. :)

    I have to check out your Taipei pictures - I was there in March of 2010 & I really liked it.